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Vulnerability Assessment

Identification of system weaknesses which are then sought for weaknesses. At this stage we will make a scoring of the system vulnerabilities being tested, but at this stage it has not yet entered the pentesting stage

Penetration Testing

Continued the Vulnerability Assessment process, the Penetration Testing stage is carried out to prove that the weakness is valid and a PoC (Proof of Concept) document will be produced.

Security Training

Security training or training, we present this training for beginners and intermediate, in security training you will be taught how to do hacking, with a little theory and more practice.

Phising Simulation

The phishing simulation method is a fast and effective way that aims to educate your users or employees, to further increase security awareness, so that you can increase awareness of fraud, both fraud that threatens yourself and the company.


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Education and Assist Securing Your Information Assets
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